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The Pebble series celebrates the inexplicable and beautiful qualities of stones. Enhancing their simple yet sculptural form through translucency, two glass blown shapes come together entering a dialogue. The result is a seemingly bespoke pendant fixture—endlessly evolving in shape as it appears from different angles.

Always a combination of two glass blown forms each with three possibilities for finishes, the pebble allows for the individual to extract their personal collection.

Both glass forms are connected to one another with a machined aluminum LED holder and heat sink; allowing the forms to sit close to one another in harmony—while housing the electrical connections and suspension system. One side is twice as bright as the other, allowing for the combination of large and small forms with consistent light output.

Mounting type: Pendant
  • Glass
  • Aluminum
Pebble Linear Canopy can be expanded further than the shown options. For custom arrangements and special projects, please contact us.
  • 14W LED 300ma
  • 2700K
  • 90+ CRI
Dimming: 0–10/Triac

Glass is hand blown, variations in form, color and size may occur.

A procession of lights elongates the luminaire through the space in which it inhabits, emphasizing range. Multiple canopies can be positioned in sequential order to extend the fixture in response to the spatial allowances of any given setting.